Intel Data Centre Blocks for Nutanix Enterprise Cloud
Arrow’s Intel® Data Centre Blocks for Nutanix Cloud is a fully validated and certified solution play with the latest Nutanix enterprise cloud software for the HCI market. It provides a quick and easy path to new revenue streams, delivers flexibility and choice for your customers, and leverages trusted Intel servers to create powerful, yet flexible hyper-converged platforms at a reasonable cost.

Benefits of this Solution Play

  • Incorporates the latest compute and storage technologies with Intel hardware and Nutanix software
  • Builds enterprise cloud solutions that are validated by Intel and certified by Nutanix – leaving you time to innovate and build new revenue streams
  • Leverages trusted Intel hardware and technology, in a configure-to-order solution to create flexible hyper-converged solutions at a reasonable cost
  • Provides flexibility and choice for customers
  • Enables agility and scalability for HPC, cloud and business workloads
  • Reduces complexity and speeds time to market

What’s included in the Playbook?

Each Arrow Solution Playbook will enable you with a complete package of go-to-market sales tools and resources, including:
  • Deep dive overview of the solution play
  • Market data and customer profiling
  • Data sheets, battle cards and use cases
  • Reference architectures and technical briefs
  • And much more!
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