Experience digital innovation with ArrowSphere V7

Discover the enhanced and feature rich capabilities of Arrow’s multi-tier cloud platform ArrowSphere V7

Already established as an industry-leading cloud platform for a broad spectrum of products, ArrowSphere’s latest release improves both visuals and functionalities making it even simpler for you to select custom, multi-vendor solutions for your customers.

The significant enhancements improve the design and user experience with the following new additions to ArrowSphere:
Exploring cloud services is now even easier

With its powerful and intuitive search engine, you can now search via the extensive catalog of more than 25,000 offers available worldwide or in the AI enabled search bar.
Visualisation and user experience are improved

The new intelligent catalog filtering improves visualisation, displaying search results by vendor, category, add-on, trial or customer category. Results can then be sorted by popularity, alphabetically or by price according to how appropriate they are.
Ordering cloud services is faster

“One-click” ordering with a shopping cart provides a faster, more efficient order process whilst the recommendation engine presents complementary offers for building cloud solutions.
Managing existing customer subscriptions is simpler

The AI enabled search bar has been designed to be more intelligent for managing subscriptions and can be used to locate subscriptions, simply by typing the customer name.
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Take a tour around the new features by watching these videos:
Exploring cloud services is easier
ArrowSphere V7 enables intuitive and intelligent catalog filtering.
Managing customer subscriptions is simpler
ArrowSphere V7 allows easy subscription management.
Ordering cloud services is faster
ArrowSphere V7 features “One-click” quick ordering process.