Register for Finding Your Tribe: Women in Leadership Event

30th May 2024

12.30pm – 6pm

Arrow proudly invites you to join us for our Women in Leadership event.

The heart of this event will centre around how true leadership is not a solitary journey but a collective ascent.

Recognising the power of networking, the strength that comes from the mutual support of women, and how finding your tribe can be transforming – fostering growth, resilience and camaraderie! 

Join us for an afternoon of empowering panel sessions, keynotes and interviews.
Finding Your Tribe, through Networking: a keynote address exploring the power of genuine connections, building your "sisterhood," and recognizing the hidden networking potential within everyone you meet.

Leading The Charge Together: a panel of leaders discussing overcoming bias, navigating career crossroads and developing authentic leadership style that inspires.

Allies to Advocates: Panel discussion on building impactful alliances with male colleagues & leaders,  and the important role male allies play in achieving gender parity in the workplace and beyond.

Wild Woman, Philippa Forrester: Bringing feminine energy to the largely male dominated world of wildlife conservation. Philippa shares her extraordinary journey sharing the grit, determination, resilience and humour needed to be a wild woman. 
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Special Guest: Philippa Forrester
Phillipa’s career as a television presenter began with children’s BBC and spans almost three decades of primetime, including much-loved programmes like Tomorrow’s World and Robot Wars, as well as her beloved history programmes. Philippa has written and produced a string of award-winning documentaries for the BBC, Animal Planet and Discovery. She has degrees in English Literature, Ecology and Conservation and an MA in Writing for Young People. Philippa has also written six books. 

For 6 years, Phillippa lived and worked in Wyoming in the US, encountered wolves, grizzly bears and moose, but she is now rediscovering her own patch of wilderness in the UK. 
 Keynote speaker: Rachel Reidy
Rachel is the founder of R2 Communications, communications consultancy. Prior to this, Rachel enjoyed a career in London where she worked for 16 years at The Condé Nast Publications. Her tenure was marked by the successful launch of WIRED into the UK and leadership roles within digital and brand partnership teams at British GQ, Vogue and Rachel orchestrated the launch of women’s career network, AllBright into Ireland. She has lent her expertise to genconnectU, a global ed-tech.

Rachel is also a TEDx Speaker and delivered a talk on How to Build your Sisterhood through Networking & the Power of Kindness.

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