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We are on a mission to help you succeed in your journey to the cloud, AI and XaaS!
Start by joining our Arrow Cloud Innovation Day where we will bring you innovative hybrid solutions, combining Cloud with your traditional vendors, tailored to better serve the end customers' needs.
> Azure NetApp Files for Azure VMware Solution
> The Oracle DB in the cloud opportunity through Azure
> VMware High Availability with Azure VMware Solution
> Hybrid Cloud with Nutanix and Azure
> Partner Managed RedHat Openshift on Azure
> Splunk ready to deploy packages  running on Azure

Discover the Sessions
Opening Keynote
We start our event with keynotes from Arrow & Microsoft on how we pave the way to the cloud for our partners based on innovation and active market trends.

Breakout sessions
We offer a flexible program with different sessions and topics.
Pick one session per "Breakout".
Breakout Part 1
Breakout Part 2

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